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'Ninety Third' by Qatar Airways, O2 Arena, UK

Project Brief

The O2 Arena has unveiled The NinetyThird by Qatar Airways, a new VIP members club enhancing premium hospitality at the renowned entertainment venue. Partnering with Qatar Airways symbolises excellence in aviation and live entertainment, offering exclusive benefits to Privilege Club members. This 300-capacity space features a high-end restaurant, premium bars, and a unique retractable viewing platform. Inspired by musical heritage, it pays homage to iconic artists and moments at The O2.



Illuma had the honour of illuminating the Ninety-Third's new space thanks to the inclusion of our expertise by OR Consultants in London SW9. Katy at OR consistently offered invaluable assistance whenever challenges arose, fostering a seamless collaboration between our teams. Their lighting design proposal seamlessly integrated Illuma products to enhance the stylish and contemporary ambience of the area. Tasked with delivering comprehensive lighting, our aim was to not only provide adequate general lighting but also to enhance the upscale atmosphere of the new space while ensuring flexibility to adapt to its dynamic environment.


The first challenge for this project was an intricate 3 circuit track layout predominantly composed of a grid configuration, Illuma’s vast knowledge of track polarity playing a pivotal role in creating a successful working track system to suit the needs of the impressive interior.

The second obstacle was ensuring compatibility between the dimming protocol and our luminaires. While we couldn't rely solely on DALI for all fixtures, we strategically employed various dimming techniques to suit specific areas.

Lastly, the challenge of accommodating a slightly curved back wall necessitated the use of flexible connectors to maintain a seamless appearance along the rear surface.



Illuma’s primary focus aligned with our expertise: accentuating, enriching, and animating select elements of the space. The high CRI of the Prospot and Torp spotlights vividly demonstrating the stunning colours of the artwork and focal points of the lounge/bar areas.

In the dining areas ‘Pools’ of light have been created using the Prospot with Barn door accessories, picking out the glossy tables, creating shadows and giving the lighting that theatrical touch to match the dramatic interior design.



Steve Knight, Illuma's Area Sales Manager, shared his thoughts on the project and expressed, "Participating in such an incredible and prestigious project within this renowned building was genuinely delightful and an honour. The result is genuinely breathtaking; observing the space come alive with Illuma products is truly gratifying, blending seamlessly with the modern flair of the O2 Arena."



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