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Illuma Continues LIA Partnership


Illuma has had a longstanding relationship with the Lighting Industry Association (LIA). The LIA is the largest trade association in Europe dedicated to serving the UK Lighting Industry and its supply chain. Renewing our membership this year has spurred our leadership team to prioritise active participation, networking, and engagement within the industry. The LIA provides us with a platform to contribute to and lead the evolution of the lighting industry.


As a full member of the Lighting Industry Association, Illuma benefits from its diverse range of events, training courses, and programs. These opportunities allow us to share our three decades of industry experience, learn from others, and drive innovation in lighting. 




By closely collaborating with the LIA, we ensure that we maintain a leading position in industry standards, particularly concerning quality and safety. This collaboration fosters positive change and empowers us to guide decision-making processes effectively. Together, we are paving the way forward, illuminating the path for the industry's advancement.


Illuma eagerly anticipates collaborating with both old and new  as we maximise the benefits of our membership.


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