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NEW!!! Linia Blade S - Microprismatic!

Illuma launches the new micro-prismatic optic for the Linia Blade S!

Known for its sleek, elegant design and outstanding functionality, the Linia Blade S has certainly made its mark across several outstanding Illuma projects since its launch in 2019. Now, with the addition of the microprismatic optic, comes a whole host of new capabilities.


The micro-prismatic optic is made with a polycarbonate material that has tiny micro-prisms (hence the name) pressed into the material. These hundreds of tiny prisms act as a unit to diffuse light and reduce the glare from the fitting, making this optic perfect for illuminating offices, classrooms and areas which require a lower Unified Glare Rating (UGR).

This addition in a real-life situation will allow employees to be able to carry out tasks in an office environment with reduced discomfort glare and produce an even spread of light which will ultimately improve the user experience and wellbeing.

Not only does the optic work practically but it also looks the part, combined with a premium matte black/white finish and famously shallow profile that certainly sets it apart from its competitors. Available in bi-directional, continuous, surface or track mounted options, the possibilities are endless to create the aesthetic you desire as the lighting designer or specifier.



The highly innovative and extensive Linia Blade S range is suitable for multiple environments and includes many features such as:



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